Te Reo Māori Chit-Chat on Zoom


Language is a vehicle that helps us understand the world, communicate our ideas, share our values, and explore our interests. As social creatures, language contributes to our ever-evolving identity.

Te Reo Māori Chit-Chat normalizes speaking in Māori, allowing you to practice what you've learnt and supercharge your language learning journey.  Each Chit-Chat session gives you exclusive 1-on-1 time with a fluent, native speaker who will adjust their speaking ability to suit your needs.  Sessions are offered in 20 minute and 60 minute time slots.  They are open to learners of ALL levels!  No lessons, no homework, just kōrero (speaking) in te reo Māori.

Te Reo Māori Chit-Chat will improve your speaking ability and confidence.  The aim is to speak in Māori as much as possible during the session with assistance provided by Ezra in English.

Sessions are held on Zoom and are available most days.  They can be scheduled at a time and date that suites you!

The cost for a session is:


$25 USD for 20 minutes

$60 USD for 60 minutes

To book a session with Ezra click here.

About Ezra:

Ko Maungatapu te Maunga

Ko Maitahi te Awa
Ko Tainui te Waka
Ko Hoturoa te Tangata
Ko Ngāti Koata, ko Ngāti Toarangatira, ko Ngāti Kuia ngā iwi

Ko Ezra Webber ahau

Ezra Webber was raised in Nelson, New Zealand during Whakatupuranga Rua Mano Te Reo Māori, a strategic movement to revitalize the Māori language.  Ezra's entire schooling was completely in Te Reo Māori up to the age of 10.  He continued to study Te Reo until he finished high school.

Ezra is currently travelling the world, including Te Reo Māori in his life whenever possible. One of his favorite ways to incorporate speaking Māori is to only speak Māori when out shopping. “Non-English speakers use Google Translate all the time to help others understand them.  I’ll do that too with Māori.”